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Director: Eri Aung

Producers: Cyd, Alex and Rachel

WOW, Mike Bartlett's political and epic play was amazingly performed by ICSM Drama's 13 cast, stunningly directed by Eri Aung as well as beautifully technically and artistically achieved by the tech, lighting, art and backstage crews.      

              This intense show details the twisted and apathetic lives of Londoners gliding through the motions of life before a previously absent and charismatic man (John) appears. Attempting to unite the people of  London to prevent the UK Prime Minister from joining the US in an Iranian nuclear war, it appears as if John might be able to prevent catastrophe... but his past catches up with him and the painful, dull reality of modern life hits those in power... so what was the final decision?

              There was never a dull moment for the audience as nightmarish screams shocked them into alertness between each act and whilst furious protesters coursed between the isles.

13, November 2018

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