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Freshers' Plays 2018/2019 

Directors: Ben, Krit & Maria / Nila, Maha & Annie  / Michael & Alex 

"Medical Histories", "Oz: A poor Fresher's Halloween Tale" and "The Main Play that goes wrong"

Medical Histories


"Medical Histories" was secretly a "Medically Blonde 2" that examined the history of medicine through time in a marvellously comedic way. With the harsh temper of Florence Nightingale, the trips of the ancient Greek, the sinful ways of an Irish nun and the body snatchers of 1800s, "Medical Histories" had the audience in fits of laugher throughout.

Oz: A poor Fresher's Halloween Tale

A naïve fresher aimlessly wonders through Reynolds on Halloween sports night and before she knows it she is in what appears to be 'The Land of Oz'.  With evil and kind older years dressed as Good Witch of the North and the Wicked Witch of the West. Along Dorothy's travels, she makes new friends such as a scared lion, a drunken straw-woman and a hopeless tin-man. Can Dorothy make it back to Halls in one piece?


The Main Play that goes wrong


A fire alarm during a performance as revenge for lines being cut? An essential member of the cast missing before show time? Forgotten lines? Falling asleep on stage? Sometimes everything in drama productions doesn't go quite to plan... "The Main Play that goes wrong" capitalises on this misfortune and provides older years with a comical spin on past mishaps.


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