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The Last Days Of Judas Iscariot


The Last Days Of Judas Iscariot was a religious experience for all. No, we're mostly kidding. But it was an outstanding production with detailed, nuanced and insanely talented performances from the entire cast. Everyone had lots of fun delving into such layered characters, though none had as much fun as our delicious duo directors Kritika and Maria to whom we owe this production! Highlights include Yuri Aung in the role of her lifetime as a nun, the untouchable leaving performances of longtime heavyweights Florence Bell and Sally Harding and of course, Gurdip's literal highlight as Jesus Christ himself. 


This production was proudly sponsored by Thai Square, Mail Boxes Etc, Sid's, Fulham Palace Wines and Tandoori Palace.

Rachel Ruck, Actress 

Saint Monica was honestly a role I have grown up dreaming of doing. I'd get my leopard coat and high heels out and stare at my 7-year old self and yell, loud and proud and as sassy as could be, "Would you like some ooooo-lives? Ooooo-live Garden?" Guess that's one dream realised!

Alex Jelloo, Actor

Contrary to what people may believe, playing the titular role of Judas Iscariot was in fact a real challenge. Haters can say it was just sitting blankly and staring into space but I'd beg to disagree. That was the product of my three months of blood, sweat and tears. And I'm proud of it. (This quote was creatively interpreted from a non-speaking Jelloo on stage.) 

Sid Bassetti, Survivor

I'll be the first to admit - my time on stage wasn't the highlight of this show run for me. 10/10, the highlight for me was lying with two others on the floor of Maria's house, having the funeral procession song played for me and my comrades. Let's all raise a glass (not of alcohol, Sid doesn't drink) to that.

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