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The Crucible, Mar 2018


The Crucible, if we do say so ourselves, was simply fantastic. We hadn't done a serious play in tiiiiime ​and we'd (well I had definitely) almost forgotten how actually talented our members are! From Ben Hayward's graceful, majestic neck method acting to Rachel Ruck's legitimately Olivier-deserving performance to Michael Anyanechi's ability to create tension with anyone or anything, it was a masterpiece. Another feat was the lush soundscape designed by director Constantinos Savva and sound magician Shiras Patel that elevated it like no other. 

This production was proudly sponsored by New Bangkok, The Pear Tree, Half Moon Cafe, Off Licence, Mail Boxes Etc, Swingland and Pure Student Living. Photographs were taken by Umamah Tarvala Photography. 

Cyd Cowley, Ass Director

Assistant directing was a journey (read: worst journey of my life). I was tried and tested (read: some people are so untalented and useless it makes me want to hurt things), but I came out on the other side a better person (read: I literally rated a scene at the dress rehearsal 1/10. No regrets.)

Ehsaan Zaman, Tech Director

Look - I'll be the first to admit I am incredible. I am in circles known as the incredible lighting director/overlord. But fire alarms have a mind of their own alright! Even my tech wizardry couldn't help the fire alarm on Night 2. Wait what - the blackout? Nah that was dry Maria. 

Frankii Watson, Actor

Playing Abigail was a very diverse role. As you can see from the photos I have a variety of facial expressions to offer you including the sad scowl, the lusty scowl, the guilty scowl, and the "If-looks-could-kill" scowl. It was a challenge but hey, someone had to try and do it.

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