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Tiger Country, Nov 2019


With some of the largest audiences to date, this play really appealed to the medic community. Not only could the cast practice their CPR skills and re-learn those all-important medical acronyms, it even impressed faculty from Martin Lupton to Keith Gould (yes we are name-dropping). Based at Imperial hospitals (yes the exact ones we are taught at), many students recognised our characters as some of their consultants/registrars/FY1s (unfortunately we can't and don't wish to name-drop here). Due to some crazy mix up with UCH we even managed to have an additional muck up night for the rest of the society, which truly was a night to remember...

This production was proudly sponsored by Broadway & West, Carbon Kopi, Carnival Store and Jerky's


Martin Lupton, God

I was very impressed.


The Felix, a newspaper

The cast seemed to be having a genuinely good time.

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