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Trap, Mar 2020


Our first-ever attempt at a documentary-style play went down a treat! With whisperings & random collapses in the audiences, loud screams and sudden blackouts it's safe to say the audience went away absolutely terrified. Based in a high school theatre, the play follows the events of a previous production gone wrong, making the ending of the play that little bit more unnerving over the prospect of how real it could have been. With meme-worthy acting and not-quite-amazing American accents (NB some were definitely better than others), this was definitely one of our trickiest performances yet, but one which the audience loved.

This production was proudly sponsored by Carnival Store, Orthosmile, clo&flo, L.C. Hall Opticians, Purete Nature, VeganE, Black Skull Tattoo and Chestertons.

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