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Wyrd Sisters, Mar 2017


Wyrd Sisters was our biggest and boldest Main Play yet. It was based on the famous book by Terry Pratchett, telling the story of a coven of three witches battling against an evil Duke in a subtle parody of Macbeth. Audiences absolutely loved it - we were even reviewed by Terry Pratchett's official fan magazine! Crammed with kooky characters, lush costumes and magnificent sets, it's no wonder this production pulled in our highest audience numbers to date. 


This production was proudly sponsored by Squirrel, Slightly Foxed, GOAT, VQ Chelsea, Suzu, Scissors & Guys, Franco Manca, Pocket Shop Books and Pure Student Living. 

Yuri Aung, Producer/Actor

The highlight of producing for me was witnessing the director's gradual mental breakdown. He went off at me for using capital letters in a WhatsApp chat. He was maaaaaad. But all's well that ends well, play was pretty good. 

PJ Wang, Not In The Play

I most definitely was in the play. Who said I wasn't in the play? Did Ben say that? Look, the story is - one of the guys was "sick" and had to miss a night, and I stepped up and took his place. I'm fantastic at "non-speaking role 2".

Emma Little, From Scotland

Quoted backstage:

You can do this Emma. Corporal WA-kowski, Wa-KOW-ski, Wakow-SKI.

Quoted onstage:

Corporal Wakrowskxjefah oh for the love of *censored* *censored* *censored*

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