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You Can't Take It With You,

Nov 2016


Set in 1930s New York, YCTIWY was about a newly engaged couple whose parents meet for dinner for the first time. The Sycamores are eccentric and fun whilst the Kirbys are uptight and intimidating. So what happens when fireworks makers, ballet dancers and businessmen with indigestion meet up? Quite a lot. 

Florence Bell, Actor/Sexpert

If there are two things in this world I love the most, it's ripping people to shreds (mainly Sally) and making people uncomfortable through explicit sexual references. 'Sex' was literally the line of my character in the play. No acting needed.

David Cussons, Tech Dir.

Daisy - oh, she was something else. We spent the whole summer together, it was blissful. I slaved over her, she was the world to me, we worked out every kink, no issues. Hands down, the best moving set piece I ever laid my eyes on.

Ehsaan Zaman, Lights Dir.

Lighting is way more complex than you think it is. It's hard work but I 100% love it. Thing is - the lights booth is a little far from the bar. And man sometimes needs a drink. What's a man to do?  A couple minutes in the dark never hurt no one.

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